Vol. XIV



Garay Albújar, Andrés; Velezmoro-Montes, Víctor



Changes on the Andean World: Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala and Martin Chambi as eyewitnesses.




The article focusses on the comparison of the work of Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala’s Nueva Corónica y Buen Gobierno (ca. 1615) and Martín Chambi´s photographic covers for La Crónica (1918-1929). It aims to characterize their artistic vision under the eyewitness concept (“Testigo Visual”), that is, a self-conscious attitude toward the registration and artistic representation in defined moments of cultural crisis in Cuzco (Perú) like the beginning of the Colonial era or, three centuries later, when the industrial and modern life arrived to Cuzco in the 20th century.





Cuzco, Drawing, Photography, Chambi, Guamán Poma.

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