Vol. XII



Magallanes, Loreta; Ladaga, Silvia



Digital Knowledge, ¿professional knowledge? To read the CyberJournalism since the connectivism approach




This paper takes the learning theories from the digital era to think about the professional training of “cyberjournalists”. From the professional experiences of journalists that work in digital enviroments, we problematize the categorization of knowledge proposed by connectivism (Siemens, 2006). Based on interviews, we argue that connectivism’s categorization of digital knowledge, know where and know to transform, do not replace the traditional journalist way of knowledge but it makes the professional training more complex. As a conclusion, we reflect on the category of “connective knowledge” and we think about the new needed skills under the actual consolidation of the cyberjournalism.




Connectivism, connective knowledge, professional knowledge, digital knowledge, cyberJournalism.


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