Vol. XI



Pereira, Xosé; Machado, Elías; Barbosa, Suzana; De la Hera, Teresa; Toural, Carlos; Acássio, Diego



Memory and Information Architecture in online journals in Spain and Brazil Cases of Elpais.com, 20minutos.es, OGlobo.com.br and diario.com.br (Diario Catarinense)




The management of the information via databases is one of the big innovations since the arrival of the computer science and telecommunications to the journalism. In this paper, we present the results of a project which studies ways of managing information and memory in four representative cases of media in Spain and Brazil. This research uses content analysis, observation and interviews as methodological tools and shows the
importance of a correct management and recovery of the data at every stage of the journalistic process: documentation, production, recovery, circulation and consumption.




Information architecture, online journalism, data mining, interactivity, data journalism.


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