Vol. X



Mónica Herrero, Marta Frago, Mercedes Medina




Immigration and cultural audiovisual products in the Spanish market




Immigration has become a social phenomenon with increasing importance in Spain. For that reason, media has put special focus on this issue, not only in news, but also in fiction products for television and cinema. In 2000s immigration topic appears quite often in plots and characters of serials and films. Moreover, immigrants’ communities have become a new target for television programs and channels.


In this paper, we will review the research that has been done about this topic and will make a catalogue of this kind of film and television works. The purpose is to find out the reasons that possibly explain this phenomenon. Those can be a mix of commercial interests, issues of the political agenda or the reflection of a social fact. Hence, we will identify the audiovisual works related to immigration, then we will classify them according to different criteria, and finally, we will raise some conclusions about the causes of this recent development.



Spain, immigration, audiovisual works.


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