Vol. IX



Jesús Miguel Flores, Cecilia Salinas



Reflections on the ethical responsibility of cyber journalists and the online media




The traditional media have shown during a lot of time the cliché of social institutions that they gather, write and distribute the news of the day to serve the society. For it, and in order to avoid situations that put in risk the credibility of the journalists, a series of ethical codes have developed that allows to support the responsibility that the society has deposited in them. In Internet, in many cases, this news and information’s have been – and they are - spoilt of the reality and they expand dangerously. For all this, some voices claim the need of an ethical code, which is assumed by means and professionals of the digital environment. This article analyzes the social, ethical and responsibility of the journalists and the press in Internet.




journalism, Internet, cyberjournalist, bloggers, ethics, media.


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