Vol. IX



Mela Salazar de Velásquez, Eyleen Lau Chufon



Product placement in the movies: Advertising analysis of the Cars category through diverse films. Measurement of influence factors which affect advertising objectives




The research aims at informing in which way Product Placement contributes to the fulfillment of advertising objectives in a brand and to find out which are the main factors and criteria to develop a strategy with this advertising tool. Ten films have been selected in the Cars category, since it is the most widely used in product placement, and a self-owned effectiveness measuring system has been used for this advertising tool in the movies. The analysis contemplates the influence factors –type of product placement, duration, brand place in the film, type of scene, number of apparitions, relationship with the authors–,and the way these are a support of the advertising objectives of the brands –to introduce a product, predispose towards buying, brand recalling, building brand personality and incrementing notoriety–.




brand, product placement, advertising.


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