Vol. VI



Denis Porto



The return of the hybrid theater from the Brazilian directors




With a historical and artistic analysis, the article argues the return of a style of cinematographic production that marked the principle of the art, when still did not consider with clarity the sorts fiction and set of documents as different. The research rescues since the first productions with the Lumière brothers, passing for Flaherty, Eisenstein, Glauber Rocha and Eduardo Coutinho, being rescued by Brazilian productions of century XXI that had marked the world, in the hands (and of the brains) of Walter Salles and Fernando Meirelles, having as characteristic discrete, however limiting, the harmonic relation of the two languages in order to consider a convincing plot and, simultaneously, involving. For this, it supports in Roger Odin, Jean-Claude Bernardet, Alberto Cavalcanti, Jacques Aumont and Henri Gervaiseau, getting, with this, substantial theoretical and historical force to consider, to support and to provoke such collective reflection.




Film, documentary, communication, Brazilian new cinemabuilding societies, feeling pain, dying along others.


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