Vol. V



Raquel Ramos y José Luis Requejo



Media coverage on peruvian mining: the Majaz mine case




Nowadays coverage on peruvian mining information in mass media is news breaking. In the last twenty years, coinciding with the Peruvian government policy to yield increasingly lands for the mining exploitation, the topic has been taken to the extreme. This polarity between whom are to favour and in opposition to the mining exploitation offers one of the most crucial challenges for our mass media. Especially for the local media, who have no diversified neither the economic security nor the social support. This research is an analysis of content of three principal regional diaries to discover if their media coverage on the mining problem has developed in an impartial way. For it, a significant event has been chosen in the region: the march of the ronderos and peasants against the miner Majaz, developed in July, 2005.



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