Vol. III



Mela Salazar



The contributions of humor in the accomplishment of publicity goals




In the search for new creative forms, publicists have discovered that humor facilitates the accomplished of marketing and communications goals, since it allows to better connect with a consumer, who under the present circumstances, appreciates the gratifying moment offered by publicity. In this article we analyze the most used types of humor, the conditions needed to apply humor efficiently, as web as the publicity goals that this style helps to achieve.


Due to the lack of bibliography on the subjects, we gathered, through questionnaires, the professionals opinions and experiences of diverse publicists from Perú and abroad, allowing us to complete this investigation.


This article about humor in publicity gives a wide vision of the subjects and pretends to motivate researches who are interested in these topics to pursue further studies and analysis about concrete aspects, which will enable one to corroborate or change the various existing positions about the contribution of humor in the accomplishment of publicity goals.



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